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Fiscal Expertise

Respected Entrepreneur:

Based on the Mexican Constitution, the Federal Labor Law, the Federal Income Tax Law, and in compliance with anti-abuse and anti-money laundering laws, StartegOM offers comprehensive solutions for managing payroll in your company or business.

Our service portfolio includes:
1. Compliance with Legal and Regulatory Obligations and Fiscal Benefits: The law clearly outlines both employer obligations and the benefits that can be obtained by fully complying with them (ISR exemption). It also defines which types of Specialized Services (REPSE) can be outsourced and the eligible companies.

2. Use of Financially Supported Electronic Wallets for Payroll Disbursement: This ensures 100% deductions for the company, even for employees in probationary periods, aiding in administrative and accounting control.

3. Fiscal Reengineering: Analysis of your current payroll costs and comparison with a reengineering proposal, considering fiscal benefits while maintaining employee rights and ensuring company benefits.

Offered Fiscal Benefits:
Disbursement and deduction of bonuses, commissions, and surpluses.
Temporary staffing.
Benefits in disbursing profits and surpluses for partners.
Compliance with NOM 035 and NOM 037.

Analysis of payroll costs and proposal for cost reduction.
Savings in tax burden on profits.
Implementation in compliance with the law.

What do we need to offer a proposal?
1) Understanding your situation and interests.
2) The anonymized payroll data (without personal names or details) up to date.

We commit to analyzing and presenting a proposal tailored to your needs.

Fiscal Strategies: Services
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